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One of the best foods I ate in Europe – fried Mozzerella.

So my last big trip of the semester was to Barcelona, which I really liked (this may sound redundant but let’s be honest, it’s hard not to like every European city!). I traveled with Jessica (who I’m assuming you all know by now, considering we’ve basically traveled every where else together) and it was just us two since no one else could fit the trip into their schedules. I was a little hesitant to book the trip since it was right before my exam week, and my friend Isabella would be visiting me during that week, but I still had plenty of time to study before the bulk of my finals (Turns out I didn’t need as much time to study as I originally had thought).

photo 2This was more of a relaxing, “vacation” trip, so most of the trip consisted of tapas, churros, and walking along the beach. However some sightseeing components included a cathedral, which was by far the most colorful one yet. The stained glass windows were pretty much the height of the cathedral itself, and with a sunny day like the day we were there, you cphoto 3an only imagine how beautiful the inside looked.
Every Saturday night, there is a fountain show, where the fountains are all lit up with bright colors, with music playing the background. We climbed to the top of a large unknown building and just sat and relaxed while watching the (sight below) at night.
The “rampla”, or the main walkway through the center of the city was also really cool, even though it was tourist central. So many trees and colors, and we had beautiful weather every day, which made it so pleasant to walk through.
photo 4       photo 5
I didn’t shop much in Europe, but mostly because I was trying to save my money for travel and food. But I couldn’t resist myself in Spain. The fashion there is right up my alley – casual and colorful. So I may or may not have splurged a bit on clothes there, but without regret.
And last but not least, Barcelona had something to offer that I have not encountered in any other city that I’ve traveled to. Now, if you know me at all, or if you recall from previous blog posts, coffee is a huge thing for me, and it is a part of my everyday life. As much as I’ve adapted to cafe au laits and espressos, and wasting all my money on Starbucks iced coffee (for the record, the ONLY place you can get an iced latte, and who wants a hot coffee when its already hot outside?!?), I still miss regular iced coffee from home more than anything, especially from Dunkin Donuts. So when I saw the familiar, hard-to-miss logo on the side of the Rampla, I went nuts. I dragged Jessica there, while she teased me for being so American that I nearly cried at the sight of DD. Yes it was that serious. However, as expected, the iced coffee didn’t exactly meet American standards, but it was decent enough that we went back every day of the trip (despite it costing FIVE euros for something slightly smaller and with significantly more ice and milk than back home).
Anyway, I’ll keep this one short and end it now since my last couple have been so long. Up next: Annecy and my departure from Lyon.

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